Thymes Gingerbread Votive Candle
Thymes Gingerbread Votive Candle
Thymes Gingerbread Votive Candle

Thymes Gingerbread Votive Candle

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Warm the heart and home with the comforting, festive scent of Gingerbread. This petite sized candle makes for the perfect gift and accent piece.

Size: 2.0 OZ NET WT / 60 G

Gingerbread is a Warm/Spicy Fragrance

A comforting scent to be savored and shared. With the festive scent of gingerbread, spicy notes of cardamon, crystallized ginger, hints of dark vanilla, and a sprinkle of fresh-ground cinnamon combine to warm the heart and home, welcoming the spirit of the holiday season. 

Crystallized Ginger: The root of a Southeast Asian native perennial, ginger is a staple in cooking and medicine. With a scent that’s peppery, spicy and warm, it stimulates appetite, aids digestion, calms inflammation and might even kindle libido.

Cardamom: Commonly used in Indian cooking and Scandinavian baking, cardamom acts as a flavorful preservative. Ground from green seedpods, it has a distinct taste with an aromatic, resinous fragrance.

Cinnamon: With some 200 species found throughout Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific Islands, the baking spice so familiar to us remains highly prized. Extracted through both bark and leaves, its essential oil lends a warm, woody note with a spicy-sweet complexity.

Golden Amber: A blended accord that emulates the warmth and richness of resinous amber. Its essence is smoky, sensual and profoundly settling.

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