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Silicone Bib and Spoon Sets - Mudpie

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Choose from Small Fry or Taco themed. Set contains silicone bib (easy to clean!) and spoon.

No taco or small fry will be left behind in this adorable bib and utensil set. The printed soft silicone bib has front crumb catcher. The front of the taco bib reads "no taco left behind" with an image of tacos. The front of the small fry bib reads "small fry" with an image of some French fries and a dollop of ketchup. The bib arrives with wood and silicone double sided yellow fork and spoon utensil. The bib measures 9" x 8".

Dimensions: bib 9" x 8" | utensil __"

Material: SILICONE