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Nora Fleming

Maple Tidbit Dish - Nora Fleming

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Nora Fleming partnered with JK Adams, the preeminent manufacturer of high quality wooden boards. Every JK Adams product is made by hand in Vermont using sustainably harvested North American hardwood. Elevate your next gathering with the enduring quality of JK Adams and Nora Fleming.

The Nora Fleming way: start by selecting a Nora Fleming base, then choose a mini to match the holiday, season, or mood, or occasion.

Maple boards will stand many years of constant use if cared for properly. Do not allow wood and ceramic disk to soak in water. Wash quickly and dry immediately. Do not put wood in the dishwasher or microwave. Oil frequently with mineral oil.

NOT dishwasher safe; NOT microwave safe; measures approx. 9.5" x 7"